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Web Sites Are A Commodity

How Do You Make Yours Stand Out?

By Making It Unique And Memorable

Modern. Easy. Friendly.
If you could pick three qualities for your web site – it should be these:
Modern – must work with current technology. Even if you don’t quite understand all the trends – your customers do, so your web site must work on any device with any technology.
Easy – your web site design must be easy to navigate and easy to use.
Friendly – your customers must be able to find answers to their questions fast.
Meets Your Needs. Meets Your Budget.
Good things are expensive. Smart people budget their time and money. We will work with your budget to make sure we deliver the best result possible. Our goal is not just to deliver a web site – to make it a part of your business process, an essential helping tool in growing your business.
Refresh The Old. Build A New. Same Difference.
Whether your old web site needs a face lift or you just want to start from a clean slate – we are here for you. We’ve done both, multiple times for multiple businesses. Trust us, we know web sites, we know what we’re doing. Nothing will get lost, we’re not $15 movers from that ad on the phone pole.
Created new web sites for existing businesses, new and upcoming ventures, expansion branches and new products. Medical practice web sites, medspa and health centers, recruiting agencies and senior health management specialists worked with us on their brand new web development efforts.
Stuck with old web site and lost that “web guy” phone number – sounds familiar? We know, because we’ve saved many customers from this situation. Additionally, we helped improve and rebuild the web sites we ourselves built some years ago. We’re in for a long term relationship and our customers keep coming back to us.
We have successfully provided SEO services to a number of our customers. We’re not promising – we’re doing.
Zealus has successfully executed a number of digital and social marketing campaigns for our clients. Our laser-focused strategy on bringing just the right customers through your door, measurable results and continuous evaluation and adjustment helps our customers get most results for their marketing budgets.

Why Us?

Past 15 years track record:

  • Migrated web sites from old plaforms
  • Built brand new web sites for multiple businesses
  • Provided SEO services to new and existing web sites
  • Executed successful marketing campaigns for a number of our clients
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